Even after 20 years in the event business on agency- and client side, I am still looking for and still finding the unusual and the special for my clients. This means magic moments, unique experiences and stunning encounters not to be booked in a brochure.

I do not want to excite only for a short term but create long lasting impressions. Tension, security, identification, and joy in exploring new experiences, be it knowledge or acknowledge, create good vibrations lasting for a long time.

Cosmopolitan, 5 languages in speech and writing, made in Germany.

My clients are companies, agencies, associations, public interest groups,
organizations and NGOs.

If logistic, location and dramaturgy match in quality, service and excitement, the success of your event is unavoidable!

I guarantee the event that meets your objectives. Perfectly planned and professionally organized.


Great things never happen by themselves. My global network is personally rooted and grown over the years. My partners are ambitious specialists who just love their work like I do and give everything for a good and great performance.


As an examined foreign correspondent and professional travel agent I look back to a 30 years’ experience in international travel and MICE business, including 20 years as a CEO. For my clients I realized exclusive VIP events as well as meetings, congresses and communicative major events worldwide.


I know that success can be planned. My expertise, structured approach, my absolute precision and determination are basis for this. Enthusiasm, value orientation and flexibility are my strengths. My five languages ​​ensure that I am well understood throughout the world


Born in the border triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg languages, people and cultures still inspire me – even today – worldwide. At the same time I’m not restless, but homeward bound as a husband and father of two children which gives to me the power and energy for my work.